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PS3’s Final Fantasy X HD to include Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2

Final Fantasy X-2, the sequel to Final Fantasy X, will be included in the Final Fantasy X HD release for the PlayStation 3.

News of the game’s inclusion comes via next week’s issue of Jump (scan below), which also indicates that PlayStation Vita versions of Final Fantasy X and Final Fantasy X-2 will be available separately. Further, both games are based on their respective international versions and are due for release sometime in 2013 – for Japan, anyway. Read the rest of this entry »


Superfrog set to return in HD remake for PS3, Vita

In the 1990s, try as they might, Amiga platformers just weren’t as good as the offerings available on the home consoles. That’s not to suggest that they are completely without merit – many remember the antics of the Lucozade guzzling Superfrog, one of Team 17’s most popular pre-Worms releases.

Those Superfrog fans will soon have the opportunity to get back in touch with their caped amphibious friend, as Team 17 is planning a HD remake of the game for its 20th anniversary later in the year. The remake is currently scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

No other details at this time.


English versions of Ys IV to PSVita, Ys I & II Chronicles+ to PC

XSEED has unveiled their plans for more Ys games in the coming months.

Ys: Memories of Celeta is a remake of Ys IV for the PlayStation Vita. Ys IV is one of the few remaining games in the series to not have seen an official English translation. Memories of Celeta is the third version of Ys IV, but the first to be developed by series creator Nihon Falcom.

PC fans will also be treated to some Ys loving with the release of Ys I & II Chronicles+. This is set to be a polished up version of the PSP release which came out in 2011, which was in turn a polished up version of the 2001 remake of the games for Windows. Yeah.

Each game will receive a digital and a physical release.


PSOne compatibility hits PSVita on August 28

At their press conference at GamesCom this morning, Sony announced that the long awaited PSOne compatibility for the PlayStation Vita will start rolling out from August 28.

Unfortunately, not all games will work out of the gate – it sounds like Sony will be rolling compatibility out slowly, with Tomb Raider and Final Fantasy VII mentioned as being among the first wave of titles.

Probably not the most delicate way of handling it, but I guess we should be happy that Sony is giving the ailing handheld some attention.


Release dates and pricing for Jet Set Radio HD finally revealed

Those anxiously awaiting the release of Jet Set Radio HD will be happy to know that Sega have finally set both a date and price for the title.

Come 18 September, PlayStation Network users can get their grubby or not-so grubby mitts on the game – with Playstation Plus subscribers getting it a full week earlier (on 11 September). Unfortunately, those planning to pick it up for the Vita will have to wait until 16 October. Both the PSN and Vita versions of the game will set you back US$9.99/£6.49/€7.99.

Jet Set Radio HD via Xbox LIVE Arcade and Steam will be available 19 September for 800 Microsoft Points/US$9.99/£5.99/€6.49. There is currently no release information for the iOS and Android versions.

Source: SEGABits


Daytona USA DLC for Vita’s Ridge Racer

Daytona USA downloadable content is headed to Ridge Racer for the PlayStation Vita.

Daytona’s Hornet car, at least one track and a song called “Ridge Racer USA Mix” will be available for download in Japan on June 6. There has been no word on a western release for the DLC yet.

Check out the Hornet in action in the video above.

Source: Andriasang, SEGABits


Ys I & II Chronicles available on PlayStation Vita

Ys I & II Chronicles has made its way to the PlayStation Vita store, well for North America anyway.

Ys I & II Chronicles, originally released on the PlayStation Portable in 2009 (for Japan, and in 2011 in North America), is based on Ys I & II Complete and thus includes enhanced remakes of the first two Ys games (1989) with updated graphics and FMV sequences.

Ys I & II Chronicles allows players to select between two game modes – one displays character portraits from Ys I & II Complete (Windows, 2001) and the other uses new portraits created for the PSP version. Additionally, the soundtrack can be switched between that of Complete or the reorchestrated soundtrack of Chronicles.

Europe received Ys I & II Chronicles on PSN, but apparently this version isn’t compatible with the Vita. At this stage, no announcement has been made regarding a PAL Vita release for Ys I & II Chronicles – but we will keep you posted.


PSOne games on Vita soon?

One of the slightly more baffling issues with the newly released PlayStation Vita has been the lack of PSOne compatibility. Sony has said that “they’re working on it”, but little has been mentioned since.

However, it appears that the Vita will see PSOne compatibility sooner rather than later. Recent PSOne Classics release Buzz Lightyear of Star Command has been spotted on the Vita PlayStation Store with a system menu icon unique to the Vita.

Attempting to play the game currently results in an error screen. Hopefully the issue will be corrected in the near future.