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Superfrog set to return in HD remake for PS3, Vita

In the 1990s, try as they might, Amiga platformers just weren’t as good as the offerings available on the home consoles. That’s not to suggest that they are completely without merit – many remember the antics of the Lucozade guzzling Superfrog, one of Team 17’s most popular pre-Worms releases.

Those Superfrog fans will soon have the opportunity to get back in touch with their caped amphibious friend, as Team 17 is planning a HD remake of the game for its 20th anniversary later in the year. The remake is currently scheduled for release on the PlayStation 3 and PlayStation Vita.

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Fan remake of cult classic Black Sect is now available

Last week saw the release of a fan remake of Lankhor’s cult classic Black Sect – a 1993 adventure game released for the Atari ST, Amiga and PC.

Black Sect has been remade in Adventure Game Studio and includes additional features to make the game more accessible – extra and modified puzzles, new sound and music, unlimited save slots, updated hint system, new interface, etc. The remake retains the original game’s visuals (for the most part), locations, and the day and night cycle while removing the real-time time limits and dead ends that plagued players previously.

The Black Sect remake can be downloaded here for free.

Source: Retro Collect


Video Game Ad of the Day: Amiga CD32

How about a hardware ad for a change?

The Amiga CD32 was Commodore’s second attempt at making a home console out of its computer systems. The machine launched in the UK and Australia in late 1993 to a reasonably good reception. Unfortunately, it was too little too late for the company, as years of heavy losses and mismanagement sunk the company before it could launch the CD32 in the United States.

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