Retro Gaming Australia Presents Duke Nukem Week

After fourteen years of waiting, Duke Nukem Forever will be available on Friday, June 10th. It’s incredible, isn’t it? Think back to where you were fourteen years ago, and all of the things that have happened since. That entire time, people have been working on this game, undoubtedly in many different incarnations, vainly trying to produce what they deemed to be a worthy successor to Duke Nukem 3D.

In honour of this landmark release, Retro Gaming Australia has decided to dedicate this week to the Duke Nukem series. Over the next seven days, we’ll look at the history of the series, from Duke’s humble origins right through to Duke Nukem Forever, the failed attempts to get Duke onto the silver screen, the cameo appearances in other Apogee/3D Realms products, promotional materials and much more.

The History of Duke Nukem
Part One: Origins
Part Two: The Road to 3D
Part Three: Duke Nukem 3D
Part Four: Making It Your Way
Part Five: The Journey to Forever
Part Six: Licensing the Duke
Part Seven: The Dukes That Didn’t Make It

Other Duke Information
The Cameos
Merch & Media
Where Are They Now? The Duke Nukem 3D Team

Duke Nukem Ads
Duke Nukem 3D (France)
Duke Nukem Forever & Time to Kill (USA)
Duke Nukem: Zero Hour (USA)
Duke Nukem 3D Saturn (UK)
Duke Nukem GBC (USA)
Duke Nukem Advance (USA)
Duke Nukem 64 & Total Meltdown (USA)
Duke Nukem: The TV Commercials

Duke Nukem Week at the Mana Bar