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Manic Miner 360 now available on XBLIG

Matthew Smith’s ZX Spectrum classic Manic Miner has dug its way through to the Xbox Live Indie Games service.

For 240 MSP (about $AU4), you can get your filthy paws on this upgraded version of the game (called Manic Miner 360), which includes a few enhancements like a toggle between a full screen and portrait display, pixel filtering, auto save, an option for infinite lives, and that all important authentic ZX Spectrum sound.

Although you cannot officially download XBLIG stuff from an Australian Xbox 360 account, setting up a UK or US console and purchasing points from a reputable online store should eliminate that inconvenience.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine


Axiom Verge looks to scratch that Metroidvania itch

Axiom Verge is a retro-style action-adventure game, featuring the familiar mix of side-scrolling, exploration and power-ups synonymous with classic Metroidvania-style titles.

Taking inspiration from such titles as Blaster Master, Contra, Rygar and Metroid, Axiom Verge boasts classic 2D sprite-based graphics, upgradeable weapons, and oodles of items and equipment – wrapped in a sci-fi setting.

The games first trailer (above) has just been released, and it is looking (and sounding) a treat.

Axiom Verge is set for release in 2013 for both PC and XBLIG.


Cast of the Seven Godsends: 80s style run ‘n’ gun coming to XBLIG and PC

Raven Travel Studios pays tribute to 80s run ‘n’ gun games with Cast of the Seven Godsends, a Ghosts ‘n Goblins-esque side-scrolling action game available “soon” on XBLIG and PC.

Boasting retro-style hand drawn graphics and large stages in various fantasy locales, the game pits legions of enemies and some rather large bosses against the player who is armed with projectile weapons, some magic and a lot of jumping.

Throughout the games six stages, seven ‘Godsends’ can be collected and invoked to enhance your weapon (resulting in 40 weapon variations) and unleash magic. Thirty-five magic attacks are available through the use of these Godsends with each of the game’s five weapons.