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Manic Miner 360 now available on XBLIG

Matthew Smith’s ZX Spectrum classic Manic Miner has dug its way through to the Xbox Live Indie Games service.

For 240 MSP (about $AU4), you can get your filthy paws on this upgraded version of the game (called Manic Miner 360), which includes a few enhancements like a toggle between a full screen and portrait display, pixel filtering, auto save, an option for infinite lives, and that all important authentic ZX Spectrum sound.

Although you cannot officially download XBLIG stuff from an Australian Xbox 360 account, setting up a UK or US console and purchasing points from a reputable online store should eliminate that inconvenience.

Source: The Indie Game Magazine


Dark Reign appears on Xbox Live Indie Games

Out of seemingly nowhere, a port of the 1997 classic Australian-developed real-time strategy game Dark Reign has appeared on the Xbox Live Indie Games service.

For 400 points, those of you that can actually play Xbox Live Indie Games can enjoy this excellent real-time strategy game. Those of us who live in Australia and don’t have secret US Xbox Live accounts will have to go without.

The port appears to have been done as a technology test by a studio called Magnetar Games.