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Half-Life now officially available for Linux and Mac OSX

The 1998 smash-hit first person shooter Half-Life has been officially ported to Linux and Mac OSX.

For reasons unknown, the Steam page doesn’t actually list Mac and Linux as being supported, but we’re being told otherwise.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Day of Defeat

Day of Defeat Retail
Day of Defeat started life as a mod for the original Half-Life. Day of Defeat proved popular enough for it to become sanctioned by Valve and receive a standalone retail release, which is what this ad is promoting. Day of Defeat is probably one of the finest mods ever developed, even if it has been overshadows by Counter-Strike and Team Fortress.


Gordon Freeman action figure coming this September from NECA

The silent hero of the Half-Life series, Gordon Freeman, will be available in action figure form this September, courtesy of NECA.

The figure will set you back $US18, and has twenty points of articulation, a crowbar, gravity gun and a head crab.

You can preorder the figure here.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Half-Life for Dreamcast

The cancellation of this was like a sweep to the last legs of the Dreamcast.

Half-Life was a smash hit on the PC, and plans were quickly brought together to take the game to the Dreamcast. They were even planning to give the Dreamcast version a few exclusive levels in the form of Half-Life: Blue Shift. However, the game was cancelled just days before release, and Blue Shift was redirected for release on the PC.