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Book Review: The History of Sonic the Hedgehog

by on Oct.10, 2013, under Book Reviews, Reviews

history of sonic
Pix’n Love Publishing has set a rather high standard with their first two English books – the History of Nintendo series, so when I found out they were preparing a book on the history of Sonic the Hedgehog, I was pretty damn excited. That excitement increased further when it was revealed that Sega had endorsed the book.

The History of Sonic the Hedgehog promises an in-depth look at Sega’s most famous character and all of the games he has featured in, with plenty of choice pieces of concept art, colour pictures and factoids you may not know. (continue reading…)

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Pix’n Love Publishing’s History of Mario and Gunpei Yokoi books up for preorder on Amazon

by on Jun.15, 2013, under News

If you, like me, preordered Pix’n Love Publishing’s upcoming releases The History of Mario: 1981-1991 Rise of an Icon from Myth to Reality and Gunpei Yokoi: The Life & Philosophy of Nintendo’s God of Toys when they were first announced for English release back in 2011, you might be wondering what’s going on with them.

Originally due for release in “Q1 2012”, the books have consistently slipped, and just missed their most recent updated release date of May 2013. Such is life in the world of book publishing. There is a ray of sunshine, though – both books have just appeared for preorder on Amazon US with release dates of January 7, 2014.

You can order The History of Mario: 1981-1991 and Gunpei Yokoi: The Life & Philosophy of Nintendo’s God of Toys now.

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English release of Pix’n Love’s The History of Sonic coming via Udon

by on Jun.23, 2012, under News

A couple of months ago we published a story confirming that Pix’n Love Publishing’s The History of Sonic would be seeing an English release in June.

After hearing little from the publisher about the release of the book over the last three weeks, we’d assumed the worst. Fortunately, it appears that Pix’N Love will be teaming up with Udon Entertainment to bring the book to a wider audience. Udon has regularly teamed up with Capcom and Sega to release localised versions of their art books, as well as publishing a long line of comics based on Capcom characters.

Unfortunately, the release date of the book has been pushed back all the way to late October. Hopefully that means that Udon will be working with Pix’n Love to ensure that the quality of translation is up to par, since that was the only weak point of the first two History of Nintendo books.

You can pre-order The History of Sonic here.

Source: GoNintendo

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English version of Pix’n Love’s The History of Sonic book coming in June

by on May.05, 2012, under News

Pix’N Love Publishing, the company that brought you the fantastic History of Nintendo books (reviews here and here) announced yesterday that they will be publishing an English version of their History of Sonic book which was released in France this week.

There had been doubt as to whether the book would be published after comments from the company concerning lower than expected sales of The History of Nintendo Vol. 2: Game & Watch. Responding to queries about the sonic book yesterday, a company representative stated that sales of The History of Nintendo Vol. 2: Game & Watch had picked up, and that they will be going ahead with plans to publish The History of Sonic, with an intended late June release date.

Two other Pix’N Love Publishing titles, The History of Mario and Gunpei Yokoi: Life and Philosophy of the Nintendo Gaming God are planned for English release sometime this year.

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Review: The History of Nintendo Vol. Two – The Game & Watch Games

by on Apr.22, 2012, under Book Reviews, Reviews

A couple of months ago, we wrote a review of The History of Nintendo Vol. One – 1889-1980 – and we loved it. That book is the best researched and fleshed out investigation of Nintendo’s pre video game history available.

So you can imagine that we were feverishly anticipating the release of the other books in the series. The History of Nintendo Vol. Two – The Game & Watch Games, has just been released in English by Pix’n Love Publishing, and it’s damn good, too.

The second book picks up where the first left off by venturing into the development of the Game & Watch. The book is split into four segments, the first chapter details the development of the Game & Watch technology, the games and its impact on the market, the second is a detailed breakdown of every Game & Watch game (of which there were more than 50) and variant ever released, the third is an examination of clones and variants inspired by the Game & Watch, while the last segment focuses on post-Game & Watch LCD games released by Nintendo. (continue reading…)

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Pix’n Love’s History of Nintendo Vol. 2 coming March 9

by on Feb.18, 2012, under News

You might remember a couple of months ago that I posted a gushing review of Pix’n Love’s The History of Nintendo Vol. 1 – 1889-1980 (which you should still totally buy if you haven’t already). Florent Gorges in-depth history of one of the greatest forces in gaming was packed full of facts you (probably) didn’t know about Nintendo, along with images of many of their pre-video game products.

The second volume of the series, The History of Nintendo Vol. 2 – 1980-1991, which exclusively covers the Game and Watch line up, will be available on March 9. You can preorder the book here.

This should be an excellent book, if the first is anything to go by.

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