English version of Pix’n Love’s The History of Sonic book coming in June

Pix’N Love Publishing, the company that brought you the fantastic History of Nintendo books (reviews here and here) announced yesterday that they will be publishing an English version of their History of Sonic book which was released in France this week.

There had been doubt as to whether the book would be published after comments from the company concerning lower than expected sales of The History of Nintendo Vol. 2: Game & Watch. Responding to queries about the sonic book yesterday, a company representative stated that sales of The History of Nintendo Vol. 2: Game & Watch had picked up, and that they will be going ahead with plans to publish The History of Sonic, with an intended late June release date.

Two other Pix’N Love Publishing titles, The History of Mario and Gunpei Yokoi: Life and Philosophy of the Nintendo Gaming God are planned for English release sometime this year.