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Retro-Bit wireless pads for Nintendo 64 available soon

Before the Wavebird, wireless pads were pretty damn awful. Now they’re the standard for every console released since 2005. Retro-Bit is hoping you’ll want the same sort of quality wireless controllers for the Nintendo 64 – because they’ll be bringing them to market in a few weeks time.

The pad’s design is based on the official Nintendo 64 controller, but it also packs in some turbo switches for you cheating bastards out there.

Word on the street is that these babies will be sold for $US30 when they hit the market in the northern hemisphere summer.


Video Game Ad of the Day: EA Sports 4 Way Play

EA 4 Way Play
In 1993, all of EA Sports’ games introduced four player support. Of course the Mega Drive only offered two controller ports, so players had to pony up for the EA Sports 4 Way Play, which added two more ports to the system. The annoying thing is that it was separate from Sega’s own four player adaptor – EA games didn’t support Sega’s adaptor, and just about every non-EA game didn’t support the EA Sports 4 Way Play adaptor. Way to fragment the base, guys!


Hori producing Virtual On twin sticks for PS3, 360

In light of the recent announcement of Virtual On for PSN and Xbox Live Arcade, peripheral producer Hori has announced that they will be releasing a limited run of twin stick controllers for use with the game.

The twin sticks are designed to mimic the control scheme of the original arcade game. Sega released its own official version for the Saturn and Dreamcast in conjunction with their ports of Virtual On and Virtual On: Oratorio Tangram respectively.

Of course, authenticity doesn’t come cheap – Hori’s twin sticks will set you back 30,000 yen, or about $AU375.