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Gaming Heads to release statues based on PlayStation All Stars characters

Gaming Heads, who you might remember from their collection of Team Fortress 2 statues, have gained the rights to develop statues based on the various PlayStation All Stars.

The first cab off the rank is Jak and Daxter. The statue is available in two forms, a regular form for $US189 and a bronzed form for $US199. These will be limited to 750 for the standard and 350 for the bronzed version.

The statues will be available before the end of the year.


You know you want these Pikmin plushies

In celebration of the upcoming release of Pikmin 3, San-ei will be re-releasing their range of Pikmin 2 plushies again.

Unfortunately the Olimar and Louie plushies are not part of the reissue.

NCSX appears to be the only English site listing them at the moment, with a February release target. The Pikmin will set you back $US16.90 and the Bulborb will cost $US49.90.


Sonic the Hedgehog toys at Red Rooster

For a limited time, Red Rooster is offering a host of Sonic the Hedgehog toys with their kids meals.

There are seven toys in all – three “3D” cups (featuring Sonic, Tails and Amy), an expandable flyer, a pencil case, a bouncy ball and a pack of cards for memory.

So if you’re after some Sonic merch and are unafraid of being judged by spotty teenagers for ordering a meal meant for children, this should be right down your alley.


Make your poker games awesome with these Dragon Quest playing cards

It’s Dragon Quest‘s 25th anniversary this year, and Square-Enix is ready to relieve you of your money. In addition to the previously announced compilation disc (which has the Famicom versions of Dragon Quest I-II-III), the company will be releasing a whole heap of merch.

The first thing they’ve announced are these Dragon Quest branded playing cards. Called the Dragon Quest Dot Monster Trump Card set, these cards feature pixel graphics of your favourite Dragon Quest enemies, rather than boring old kings and queens. They’ll be out in September for 1,200 yen, but you can get them from AmiAmi now for 870 yen (plus shipping).

Also coming this year are Dragon Quest jigsaw puzzles, which are designed after the boxes for the Famicom versions of the games. They’ll set you back 630 yen a piece in September, but they’re also available from AmiAmi for a cheaper 435yen (plus shipping).

Via Destructoid


Great Gaming T-Shirts

Old school British press legend Jez Rignall put up a post over at GamePro of five excellent retro themed gaming t-shirts.

They also put up links for places from which you can purchase these t-shirts, so get your wallets ready, or put them away if you’re a cash strapped fool like a certain writer.

Source: GamePro