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Video Game Ad of the Day: Earthworm Jim (Game Boy Advance)

Earthworm Jim Advance
Earthworm Jim was a launch title for the Game Boy Advance, but the port wasn’t particularly great – nor was this advert, which lacked the delightful double entendres and silly jokes of the original ad campaign.


Double Dragon: Neon coming to PSN and XBLA

WayForward Technologies, creator of Shantae and developer of many great 2D titles of recent years including A Boy and His Blob (Wii) and Contra 4 (NDS), is partnering with Majesco to bring us Double Dragon: Neon.

The high-definition 2D update of the classic side-scrolling brawler is an 80’s style reboot featuring a familiar mix of martial arts and weapon-based combat. “The gameplay is the same brand of 2D side-scrolling popularized by the original game several decades ago, albeit with even more of a wild, 80s flair” says IGN.

Players will reprise their roles as Billy and Jimmy Lee to fight the villainous Skullmageddon and rescue love-interest Marian.

Double Dragon: Neon is scheduled for a July release on both PlayStation Network and Xbox Live Arcade.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Psychonauts

One for the Schafer crowd.

Psychonauts is a fan-favourite platformer with something of a troubled development history. Tim Schafer’s first post-Lucasarts game was meant to be an Xbox exclusive published by Microsoft themselves. Some four years and $US13 million dollars later, it ended up being released by Majesco, who were nearly bankrupted following the game’s terrible performance at retail.