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Good Old Games 2013 #noDRM sale is underway!

Good Old Games’ big summer (or winter for us) sale is now in progress!

Between now and July 5, GOG will have 50% off their entire software catalogue. On top of that, there will be daily deals that will give you up to 85% off. And as you’d expect from GOG, every release is packed with extras and has absolutely no DRM.

As a bit of a bonus, they are also giving away the PC hack ‘n slash RPG Torchlight away free for the first 48 hours of the sale. The first major deal is a big ol’ Dungeons and Dragon’s bundle featuring classics like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape Torment.


Save at least 75% off with GOG’s “End of the World” sale

The Mayan calendar thing is a load of bullshit, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of a few companies offering sales in “celebration” of the event.

Good Old Games, who were already running a pretty neat sale, have increased the discounts on those sale items by at least an extra 25% in many cases.

Highlights include the Ultima series for just $US9, the Bullfrog collection for $US12 and the Sierra Quest bundle (Kings, Police, for Glory and Space) for $US20.

You can find the sale page here. It’s only on for another 6 hours, so hurry up.


GOG Holiday Sale begins, get Duke Nukem 3D free for 48 hours

Classic PC game store Good Old Games has started its 2012 Holiday Sale, with over 475 games on sale for 50% off.

That’s not all – over the next two weeks, the store will also be running daily promotions where select games will be discounted further, starting with a selection of Bullfrog favourites.

On top of that, the PC gaming classic Duke Nukem 3D: Atomic Edition is free for the next 48 hours – hop to it!


Winner is cheaper in GOG’s Battle of the Games

Good Old Games is running a new promotion called Battle of the Games, where two select titles will go head to head each day from June 20 to July 6 (Australian time).

Users will vote for their favourite game out of the two each day – the winner will be discounted by 60%, while the loser will be discounted by 40%. No matter the outcome, you’re getting stuff for cheap.

Today’s fight is between Series Sam: The Second Encounter and Postal 2 Complete.