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Good Old Games 2013 #noDRM sale is underway!

Good Old Games’ big summer (or winter for us) sale is now in progress!

Between now and July 5, GOG will have 50% off their entire software catalogue. On top of that, there will be daily deals that will give you up to 85% off. And as you’d expect from GOG, every release is packed with extras and has absolutely no DRM.

As a bit of a bonus, they are also giving away the PC hack ‘n slash RPG Torchlight away free for the first 48 hours of the sale. The first major deal is a big ol’ Dungeons and Dragon’s bundle featuring classics like Baldur’s Gate and Planescape Torment.


Save at least 75% off with GOG’s “End of the World” sale

The Mayan calendar thing is a load of bullshit, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t take advantage of a few companies offering sales in “celebration” of the event.

Good Old Games, who were already running a pretty neat sale, have increased the discounts on those sale items by at least an extra 25% in many cases.

Highlights include the Ultima series for just $US9, the Bullfrog collection for $US12 and the Sierra Quest bundle (Kings, Police, for Glory and Space) for $US20.

You can find the sale page here. It’s only on for another 6 hours, so hurry up.


Winner is cheaper in GOG’s Battle of the Games

Good Old Games is running a new promotion called Battle of the Games, where two select titles will go head to head each day from June 20 to July 6 (Australian time).

Users will vote for their favourite game out of the two each day – the winner will be discounted by 60%, while the loser will be discounted by 40%. No matter the outcome, you’re getting stuff for cheap.

Today’s fight is between Series Sam: The Second Encounter and Postal 2 Complete.


Apache Longbow now available on GOG

We’ve been a bit slack with the “new” release tracking as of late – we hope to make up for that. Anyway, Good Old Games has added the classic helicopter simulator Apache Longbow to its catalogue today.

Longbow reminds us of a bygone era, when realistic flight simulators were big business. Realism and attention to detail were the biggest thing – accessibility be damned.

If you’re up for some hot chopper action, Apache Longbow will set you back $US6.