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Video Game Ad of the Day: Captain America and the Avengers

Captain America and the Avengers is a reasonably popular Data East-developed arcade beat ’em up. The home ports are, however, kind of sucky largely due to the limited capabilities of home consoles compared to the arcade board.


Video Game Ad of the Day: BurgerTime Deluxe

BurgerTime is one of Data East’s most recognisable classics. As you’d expect, it received a myriad of ports to consoles and computers in the early 80s, but this early 90s Game Boy port received a few upgrades like more varied stage layouts, new enemies and even a story.


Video Game Ad of the Day: RoboCop

One of the best-selling games on the micros, apparently.

Data East held the license for the RoboCop series when the film’s popularity was at its peak. They produced a somewhat decent arcade game, which Ocean ported to every micro under the sun. Data East USA published those versions in the US, which is where this ad originates.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Bad Dudes

I think the comparison is the wrong way around.

Bad Dudes was a somewhat popular Data East beat ’em up that’s better known for the quote “Are you a bad enough dude to rescue the President?” (or President Ronnie in the arcade version) than its actual gameplay. This ad is for the NES port, which was rather watered down due to the difference in hardware power.


Video Game Ad of the Day: BurgerTime

One of Data East’s all-time classics.

BurgerTime puts players in the shoes of Peter Pepper, who must build hamburgers by running over the top of their individual components while being chased by various condiments and ingredients. It’s kind of amusing in a surrealist way. This particular ad is for the US release of the Intellivison version.

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