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Rockstar to celebrate GTAIII 10th anniversary with iOS/Android port, Claude figure

Ten years ago, Grand Theft Auto III took the world by storm. For most, the game came out of nowhere – it seemed like there was little to no hype, the game’s E3 2001 appearance was sketchy, and the previous games, albeit hits, were not breakaway successes.

For a while, we were concerned that Rockstar would not do anything to celebrate the major milestone for the series which arguably put the company on the map and made them the major industry force that they are today.

First of all, the game is getting ported to iOS and Android devices. Whoopee!

More interesting is the 10th Anniversary limited edition figure of GTAIII‘s protagonist Claude. Sideshow Collectibles will be producing the figure, which is limited to 1,500 units and priced at $150. $150 bucks for a figure might seem crazy (and to most it is), but this is the usual price range from premium collectibles.


First 4 Figures Metal Sonic statue on the way

First 4 Figures, the group that produces many video game statuettes, will be releasing a Metal Sonic statuette in conjunction with the character’s appearance in the upcoming classic Sonic/modern Sonic crossover title Sonic Generations.

The company’s site describes Metal Sonic statuette as “Created in his classic design, he is speeding across the Stardust Speedway inspired base. Arm outstretched, he reaches out to grab hold of Sonic and gain an advantage in their life or death race in Act III!”

The piece is limited to 1,500 units and will set you back $US155, so if you want one, order now.