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Video Game Ad of the Day: Alien 3 and Terminator 2

Alien 3 Terminator 2 SNES
This ad can be used as an example of an instance where a good game was produced from a lousy movie (Alien 3), and a lousy game was produced from a good movie (Terminator 2). It’s not incontrovertible proof that bad movies make good games and vice-versa, because The Crow: City of Angels game we showcased last week exists.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Alien 3

We’re polite people here at Retro Gaming Australia, so we’ll sum up Alien 3 by saying that it wasn’t exactly what people wanted in a follow up to one of the most influential action movies of the last 50 years. This left the companies that licensed the rights to make video games in a bit of a pickle, since the whole “no weapons” thing in the film kind of screwed up their plans. So they just threw weapons in anyway, and everyone rejoiced. While Probe Software handled most of the Acclaim published versions of the game they vary wildly based on the system, but they’re all generally quite good.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Alien Trilogy

The bitch is back!

Alien Trilogy was an early 3D era first person shooter developed by Probe Software for Acclaim. The notion of it being based on a trilogy is something of a misnomer, since the game clearly draws the majority of its inspiration from the middle chapter of the trilogy, Aliens (but then just about every first person shooter under the sun does, no?). Pretty cool at the time, but it didn’t really age well. This ad was for the slightly belated Saturn release.

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