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Video Game Ad of the Day: Alien 3 and Terminator 2

Alien 3 Terminator 2 SNES
This ad can be used as an example of an instance where a good game was produced from a lousy movie (Alien 3), and a lousy game was produced from a good movie (Terminator 2). It’s not incontrovertible proof that bad movies make good games and vice-versa, because The Crow: City of Angels game we showcased last week exists.


Video Game Ad of the Day: RoboCop vs. The Terminator

The 1992 Dark Horse comic book mini-series RoboCop vs. The Terminator had video game potential written all over it, so Virgin Interactive snapped the rights up and did exactly that. While the game released across six formats, there are four distinct versions, owing to the fact that Virgin assigned four different developers to the task of producing the game.


Video Game Ad of the Day: T2: The Arcade Game

The Terminator 2: Judgment Day arcade game was one of Midway’s finer shooters. The home versions were renamed to T2: The Arcade Game to differentiate them from the other (godawful) Terminator 2 games Acclaim had in development at the same time they were working on the arcade port. The truck level is still a bastard.