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SMS Quest: ninjabearhug vs. the entire SMS library

YouTuber ninjabearhug has decided to take on a lofty goal of finishing every PAL game released on the Sega Master System (a complete guide to which I wrote like ten years ago), and will be documenting the quest with a series of videos.

There are 269 PAL releases for the system, and he’s got all of them in his possession, so we can safely assume that this will be done on the original hardware.

The first game up is The Ninja, which you can watch above.

Every system has a few great games, but the Master System has some real stinkers. So good luck, ninjabearhug!


Record set for lowest scoring Super Mario Bros. run

I’ll happily admit that I am not very good at the original Super Mario Bros. While I have actually managed to finish the game twice, I usually start to choke around 8-2.

Youtuber NotEntirelySure has decided to take a different approach to Super Mario Bros., attempting to complete the game with the lowest possible score. Read the rest of this entry »