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Video Game Ad of the Day: Fatal Frame (Project Zero)

Fatal Frame
Video games don’t come much scarier than Fatal Frame (or Project Zero for the rest of us). Main character Miku goes to the mysterious Himuro Mansion to look for her brother Mafuyu, who has been missing for several weeks. The mansion is full of evil spirits, which Miku can vanquish with her special antique camera.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Shadow Warriors

Shadow Warriors was the European name for Ninja Gaiden, used due to negative connotations with the word ninja in European media (see Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles). This ad is for the home computer version of the game, which was based on the arcade version rather than the more famous NES version.


Translation patch released for Samurai Pizza Cats game

Translation group Vice Translations has released an English patch for the Famicom game Kyattou Ninden Teyandē, better known to us in the west as Samurai Pizza Cats.

Like a lot of early anime, Samurai Pizza Cats was heavily altered when it was brought to the west – the Japanese series is very different. Fortunately, Vice noticed this and produced two versions of the patch – one straight translation of the game, and one that’s more in line with the western version of the show.

The game itself is a straight up action platformer with a number of playable characters, which you can switch between on the fly.

You can get the translation patch here.