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Video Game Ad of the Day: LucasArts Archives Volume 1

Lucasarts Archives Vol 1
LucasArts Archives Volume 1 is a budget package which features three of the company’s best adventure games on CD-ROM: Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max Hit the Road and Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis, which really made it one of the best deals of all time. As a bit of a sweetener, the company threw in a 3 level demo of Rebel Assault, and a CD filled with demos of various other LucasArts games.


New version of fan-led Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords restoration project now available

Cast your mind back to 2004, and you might remember that LucasArts rushed Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II – The Sith Lords out for the US holiday season, resulting in one hell of a buggy mess with a nearly incoherent story.

Many people were pissed about the state the game was released in, but when it was publicised just how much content was cut from the game, and how much of said content was merely blocked off rather than completely removed, a group of dedicated fans started The Sith Lords restoration project – an effort to restore much of that content and fix the myriad of bugs plaguing the title.

You can find the latest version of the mod here, along with some release notes.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Star Wars (Game Boy)

Following from the success of Star Wars on the NES, it seemed like a no-brainer to bring the game to the Game Boy. A few compromises are made along the way, but the game is still quite similar. The Game Boy version actually went through a number of hands – Ubi Soft, Capcom and Nintendo published the game at different stages of release and in different countries.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Star Wars: Rebel Assault II – The Hidden Empire

Star Wars: Rebel Assault II – The Hidden Empire featured what was the first live action Star Wars footage shot in over 12 years when it was first released. The game features a decent storyline set in a post-Return of the Jedi era, but, like its predecessor, doesn’t really have much in the way of gameplay.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Star Wars: TIE Fighter

Saving the best for last.

Star Wars: TIE Fighter was based on the rather excellent X-Wing, but it took the path less travelled and put you on the “bad” side – the Empire. The game also boasts a pretty intriguing story and several technical enhancements. LucasArts later put out a bunch of mission packs – this ad is for the Collector’s CD-ROM edition, which packaged the main game with these add-ons.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Star Wars: Rogue Leader – Rogue Squadron II

Factor 5, masters of GameCube secret voodoo magic.

Star Wars: Rogue Leader was one of the first Star Wars games that could really match the scale of the battles which happened in the movies thanks to the increased power of the sixth generation of console hardware. In fact, despite being released in 2001, it still puts many Wii games, which run on similar but more powerful hardware, to shame.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic

Occasionally, you still get a good Star Wars game.

Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic was the first RPG based in the Star Wars universe. Set thousands of years before the Battle of Yavin, Knights of the Old Republic gave us an insight into what went on between the Sith and the Jedi when they were at their height. Of course, it seems very little changed in terms of technology in those 3000+ years.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Star Wars: Masters of the Teras Kasi

Who said that they all had to be good?

Star Wars: Masters of Teras Kasi is the infamous Star Wars fighting game, and arguably the best example of the point in time when Star Wars games took a turn for the worst. Apparently Teras Kasi is Finnish for steel hand.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Super Star Wars

Not as good as you remember.

Super Star Wars came out at a time when the Star Wars saga was in a kind of hiatus – 10 years or so after the release of the Return of the Jedi, almost a decade before the prequels, and just prior to the onslaught of Star Wars video games. It’s technically accomplished, but needlessly difficult.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Star Wars Demolition

This really happened.

From the Phantom Menace onward, the quality control on Star Wars games was severely loosened, and we were treated to games like this. Based on the Vigilante 8 technology, Star Wars Demolition was a vehicular combat game that makes very little sense and plays like crap.