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Video Game Ad of the Day: Lylat Wars (Starfox 64)

Lylat Wars UK
Today marks 20 years since the release of the original Star Fox, but we decided to instead steer attention towards Fox McCloud’s finest hour – Lylat Wars, or Starfox 64 depending on your region.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Star Fox (Starwing)

Star Fox (or Starwing for us PAL types) was the poster child for Argonaut’s Super FX chip, which boosted the 3D graphics capabilities of the SNES significantly. Argonaut developed Star Fox in conjunction with Nintendo – the British studio worked on the tech, while the Japanese company handled much of the game design and planning. A special competition version of the game is one of the most sought after SNES carts.


Iwata Asks: Star Fox 64 3D

The latest entry in the Iwata Asks series is available. This one discusses the origins of Star Fox and the making of the upcoming 3D remake of Star Fox 64.

The interview gives a lot of insight into the conditions in which Star Fox was developed and the relationship between Dylan Cuthbert and Nintendo. Cuthbert and fellow Brit Giles Goddard were the first non-Japanese people to work at Nintendo’s Entertaintment Analysis Division, if I recall correctly. There’s also a lot of stuff in there about the cancelled Star Fox 2.


Star Fox 64 3D Australian release set for September 15

Nintendo announced today that their upcoming remake of Star Fox 64 for the Nintendo 3DS will be released in Australia on September 15. North America and Europe will get the game a week earlier. The game was released this week in Japan.

Like Ocarina of Time 3D, Star Fox 64 3D boasts refreshed visuals, new controls, and of course, 3D display modes. It’s also, you know, the last decent Star Fox game.

Source: Nintendo, via Vooks