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Video Game Ad of the Day: Final Fantasy VII

In celebration of today’s anniversary – Final Fantasy‘s 25th, in fact – we bring to you another of the Final Fantasy VII ads. The CGI heavy advertising campaign in conjunction with a price drop and effective relaunch of the PlayStation in some territories saw the then-ailing system become the leading home console.


Video Game Ad of the Day: A Bug’s Life

I just want to state again, for the record, that A Bug’s Life is a terrible film with absolutely no redeeming qualities beyond the fact that it ends. The game consists entirely of Traveller’s Tales’ brand of rather poor licensed game platforming.


MonkeyPaw Games is bringing Tombi! to PSN

Localisation specialist MonkeyPaw Games will be bringing the cult-classic PSOne game, Tombi! (or Tomba!) to PlayStation Network later this year.

According to MonkeyPaw CEO John Greiner, it took more than a year for the rights to the game to be negotiated, in spite of the fact that it was one of the most highly requested games for the PSOne Classics line. The deal does not include the rights for Tombi 2, however.

Tombi! was the brainchild of Ghosts n Goblins creator Tokuro Fujiwara, and developed at his studio Whoopee Camp. Despite both Tombi! games being published by Sony outside of Japan, they didn’t sell in the numbers expected, and Whoopee Camp closed up shop afterwards.

In spite of its lack of retail success, Tombi! developed a reputation for being one of the best platformers on the PlayStation, which combined with high demand and a low print run has led to the game’s price reaching ridiculous heights ($AU200+) on eBay.