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Check out this upcoming 8-bit inspired Game of Thrones game

Spanish artist Abel Alves has posted a trailer for a new creation that will have many of you excited – a free 8-bit style game based on the popular Game of Thrones TV series.

The game features four different characters (Jon Snow, Daenarys and Tyrion are shown in the video – each with different abilities and attacks) from the TV show as well as awesome chiptune renditions of the music from the show created by Floating Point. There are four levels in all, based on different parts of the book and TV series, some of which were provided by pixel artist Carl Olsson.

You will be able to the game here soon.


Check out Maldita Castilla, a homage to arcade platformers

Spanish independent developer Locomalito has released a new game called Maldita Castilla, which is his ode to the arcade platformers of old, such as Ghouls ‘n’ Ghosts, Black Tiger and Karnov.

The game mixes the platforming action of the aforementioned games with European mythology and draws inspiration from the landmark novel Amadis de Gaula, one of the most influential series in literary history.

You can download the game here. It’s free, but you get a few extras if you donate to the author.


Old-school styled Final Fantasy Dimensions heads to iOS and Android

Final Fantasy Dimensions, a old-school styled turn-based RPG, is set for release on iOS and Android devices.

Final Fantasy Dimensions was released in Japan as Final Fantasy Legends: Hikari to Yami no Senshi in 2010 for mobile devices. The game was developed in the style of Final Fantasy V and features 2D sprite based visuals, Active Time Battle system, random battles, job system reminiscent of FFV and party of five members played in two parties – the Warriors of Light and the Warriors of Darkness.

The iOS and Android Final Fantasy Dimensions includes touch-based controls and will be released in 13 episodes (each approximately 3 hours long) commencing this July.

Source: IGN


Escape Goat coming to PC

Retro inspired platformer Escape Goat will be making the jump from the Xbox Indie Games service to the PC next month.

Players control a hat wearing goat (and his mouse friend) as they go on a quest to rescue a bunch of sheep trapped in a hellish underworld.

A number of developers have experienced greater success leaving the poorly promoted XBLIG service (which still isn’t available in Australia, and probably never will be) and bringing their games to various digital download services on the PC.