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Video Game Ad of the Day: Rampage

Rampage is one of Midway’s best arcade games from the late 1980s. Its popularity resulted in it being a hot license when it came to producing home versions, which is why it’s on every console and computer format of the era. This particular ad is for the Atari 7800 version, which is not very good.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Rampage 2: Universal Tour

After the surprise success of Rampage: World Tour, Midway continued the series with Rampage 2: Universal Tour, but didn’t really take the time to fix the problems – namely the lack of variety – that affected the first game. Unlike World Tour, this one wasn’t released in the arcades, though a prototype exists.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Rampage World Tour

Rampage World Tour was the…erm…”long awaited” sequel to the classic building smashing game. It was conceived and developed by Brian Colin and Jeff Nauman who created the original game, but doesn’t really push the envelope in terms of game design.


Rampage movie still happening

A string of recent commercial failures isn’t going to stop the Rampage franchise from making the leap to the silver screen. New Line Cinema is behind the film, and hopes to make something along the lines of disaster pic Independence Day.

According to Variety, movie exec-cum-screenwriter Ryan Eagle (On a Clear Day) will be writing the script and John Rickard (Horrible Bosses) will be producing. Apparently film is a priority for New Line parent Warner Bros. who also owns the Rampage IP after their consumption of Midway’s leftovers.