Daedalus: A new Neo Geo MVS to AES converter

I’m sure many of you are aware of the sheer cost of owning a Neo Geo AES collection. Sure, you can pick up a few early titles on the cheap, particularly if you just go for the Japanese releases, but if you’re looking for popular titles like Metal Slug, or later releases like Garou: Mark of the Wolves, your wallet is doomed.

The MVS, the arcade version of the Neo Geo, is much cheaper to acquire games for due to their abundance, but getting the games and console to run on a standard television can be a tricky task.

The Daedalus is here to fix all of that. A custom project from Neo Geo.com user DavidG, the Daedalus is an MVS to AES converter which supports just about every non-custom hardware Neo Geo release out there.

Being a custom production, the Daedalus is limited to a supply of only 100, and will set you back $CA395 ($AU367) + shipping. It might sound pricey, but this is the Neo Geo scene.