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Daedalus: A new Neo Geo MVS to AES converter

I’m sure many of you are aware of the sheer cost of owning a Neo Geo AES collection. Sure, you can pick up a few early titles on the cheap, particularly if you just go for the Japanese releases, but if you’re looking for popular titles like Metal Slug, or later releases like Garou: Mark of the Wolves, your wallet is doomed.

The MVS, the arcade version of the Neo Geo, is much cheaper to acquire games for due to their abundance, but getting the games and console to run on a standard television can be a tricky task.

The Daedalus is here to fix all of that. A custom project from Neo user DavidG, the Daedalus is an MVS to AES converter which supports just about every non-custom hardware Neo Geo release out there.

Being a custom production, the Daedalus is limited to a supply of only 100, and will set you back $CA395 ($AU367) + shipping. It might sound pricey, but this is the Neo Geo scene.


Brazilian artist creates portable Enduro Racing arcade machine

The above video shows the process of Brazilian multimedia artist Rafael MSP building his custom Atari 2600 Enduro Racing arcade cabinet. Like any arcade racing game cabinet, it comes complete with steering wheel, pedals and a seat.

While that’s cool enough on its own, what makes Rafael MSP’s work even cooler is its portability. The parts that make up the cabinet can be packed away into a portable box and taken anywhere with minimal fuss. That solves the non-approving spouse “space occupancy” dilemma, as well as the “how the hell do I fit this arcade machine through the door” issue that many an arcade machine purchaser faces.

Via GameSetWatch


Parents build Yoshi’s Island-themed nursery

A YouTube user by the name of troymacklure2002 posted this video of a nursery designed for his soon-to-be-due child. It’s themed entirely after Yoshi’s Island, with cool paintings on the walls, and an even cooler music box, controlled with a SNES pad, which plays various tunes from Yoshi’s Island, Super Mario World and the Zelda series.

Via Destructoid.

Link to the Past reimagined in Magic: The Gathering expansion

Super Nintendo classic The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past has been painstakingly reimagined as a 242 card expansion set for Magic: The Gathering by GamesRadar contributor KREATIVEAssassin.

The cards aren’t official by any means, but if you like The Legend of Zelda, and MTG still floats your boat, check them out.

Source: GamesRadar


The world’s smallest Space Invaders machine

Youtube user Vcoleiro posted this video of his custom made Space Invaders machine earlier. Using a Game Boy Micro, some tiny arcade parts and engineering ingenuity, Vcolerio has created a Space Invaders arcade machine that’ll fit in the palm of your hand – and it’s fully playable, too.

Souce: Youtube, via GamePron