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Ryo Hazuki to be immortalised by First4Figures

Everybody’s favourite sailor hunting, father avenging, kitty petting Sega hero – Ryo Hazuki – will be joining the range of video game characters with statues designed by First 4 Figures in 2013.

There aren’t any solid details as yet, but you can look at past F4F releases to get an idea of what you’re in for.

While it’d be nice if this were the first of many Shenmue things to happen in 2003, I won’t hold my breath.


First4Figures reveals Ganondorf statue

First4Figures has revealed the latest addition to their range of The Legend of Zelda themed statues – the series’ main antagonist, Ganondorf.

Two editions of the statue are being produced: an exclusive edition for $US479.99 and a standard edition for $US449.95.

Orders for the exclusive edition will close this week, while orders for the standard will close at the end of the month, so get in fast.