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Dragon’s Lair XBLA out May 18, adds Kinect support

The upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release of Dragon’s Lair boasts a few neat little extras.

In addition to being based on the high definition version of the game, the XBLA port adds support for motion control via Kinect, as well as the usual assortment of achievements and avatars. There is also a “full watch” feature, if you’d rather just watch the game play itself.

You’ll be able to add Dragon’s Lair to your Xbox Live Arcade library on May 18th.


Dragon’s Lair animated series now on DVD

Ruby-Spears’ Dragon’s Lair based on the infamous laserdisc game of the same name has now been released on DVD.

Of course, you can only currently buy it through Warner Bros. WBShop, which only ships to the US. However, we are led to believe that Dragon’s Lair will become part of Amazon’s CreateSpace MOD service like most Warner Archive collection titles. The set is produced from whatever masters they had laying around – it has not been remastered or cleaned up.

If you feel like using a proxy service to get around the US only shipping restriction, Dragon’s Lair will set you back about $US30 (plus shipping and fees). I assume you’ll need the ability to play R1 DVDs, too.

We’ll have a feature on the series sometime in the near future.


Mega Drive Dragon’s Lair prototype released

It’s exactly the same game as the SNES one, so don’t get your hopes up.

MrMark0673 and Beaglepuss of the Nintendo Age forums are running what they call “The Summer of Protos“, where they will be dumping various unreleased games during the coming summer months. Who knows what they will have in store for us?

Source: NintendoAge via RetroCollect