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Video Game Ad of the Day: Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold

Mad Dog II: The Lost Gold is the oft-overlooked sequel to the so-bad-its-good FMV-based light gun shooter Mad Dog McCree. It’s a much more fully featured package than the original, but it’s still pretty crappy. The most recent release was on the Wii, where it was bundled with the first game and The Last Bounty Hunter.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Space Ace

Space Ace is a spiritual successor to Dragon’s Lair, being based on entirely the same gameplay model and designed by veteran animator Don Bluth. Like Dragon’s Lair, it’s also been ported to every format under the sun to varying degrees of success.


Dragon’s Lair XBLA out May 18, adds Kinect support

The upcoming Xbox Live Arcade release of Dragon’s Lair boasts a few neat little extras.

In addition to being based on the high definition version of the game, the XBLA port adds support for motion control via Kinect, as well as the usual assortment of achievements and avatars. There is also a “full watch” feature, if you’d rather just watch the game play itself.

You’ll be able to add Dragon’s Lair to your Xbox Live Arcade library on May 18th.


Mad Dog McCree coming to 3DS eShop

The “classic” FMV light gun game Mad Dog McCree will soon be re-released for the 3DS eShop courtesy of Dutch company Engine Software. Engine has licensed the property from current IP owner Digital Leisure.

Unfortunately, it’s going to be a direct port of the original with no added 3D effect of any kind.

Still, if you feel like shooting at people awkwardly pretending to be cowboys, then you might be satisfied.