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Space Quest II remake complete, now available

Fan remakes of adventure games were a big thing back in the days before the genre was somewhat revived by Telltale and the like. Many of these projects were never fully realised, either stopped by cease and desist orders or by internal wrangling. Such things did not stop Infamous Adventures, however, as they have just released their loving recreation of Space Quest II after five years in development.

Done in a similar style to Sierra On-Line’s VGA remake of Space Quest, the game features vastly improved hand-drawn graphics, voice acting and a much improved interface.

Best of all, the game is available for free. You can download it here


Ken and Roberta Williams donate Sierra goodies to ICHEG

The International Center for the History of Electronic Games (or ICHEG) is an organisation based in New York that “houses and interprets the largest and most comprehensive public collection of video games, other electronic games, and game-related historical materials in the United States and one of the largest in the world.”

Now they have an awesome collection of Sierra stuff to go with that collection. Called the Ken and Roberta Williams Collection, the donation includes historic materials documenting the 20-year history of Sierra On-Line, along with concept art, correspondence, and original copies of some of the company’s best-known titles.

Kind of makes one wish they were more heavily involved with this kind of preservation work, no?

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Video Game Ad of the Day: BC’s Quest for Tires

With smashing ideas like this, one can only wonder how video games nearly died out.

As the caveman Thor, you must ride your stone unicycle through several levels to rescue your wench that’s been kidnapped by a dinosaur. Why a dinosaur would kidnap a woman rather than just eating her is a question that continues to baffle ludologists and other video game academics.