Shadowgate re-imagining Kickstarter underway

Some of the original creators of Shadowgate, a point-and-click adventure game from the late eighties, have formed a new development studio named Zojoi and are keen to develop a ‘re-imagined’ version of the first-person fantasy adventure classic.

The new Shadowgate boasts many new features and additions which add to the mythology and story of the original game. The re-imagining includes 60+ rooms, lots of new and improved puzzles, both a full digitally-orchestrated soundtrack and a retro soundtrack featuring the original NES music (hooray!), environmental and object-specific animations and will be available for Windows, Mac, iOS and Android devices.

The Kickstarter has 30 days remaining and over $20,000 has already been pledged by backers towards the $120,000 goal. You can back the project here, with a $10 ‘Early Bird’ pledge rewarding you with a digital copy of the finished game.

If all goes well, expect to see the new Shadowgate in November 2013.