New hack makes Cheetahmen II beatable

The highly rare, but intolerably bad Cheetahmen II has been a source of amusement for many retro gaming fans. It may be the leading contender for the title of worst game on the system, but there’s never a shortage of interest in the game, mostly due to how ludicrous the entire concept is.

Cheetahmen II is also notorious for being unbeatable. Even if you’re fortunate enough to get a hold of one of these rarities, the game itself cannot be finished – it will usually end at the fourth level after beating ApeMan, unless a rare glitch occurs, and even then, the end boss never appears in the game.

However, PacoChan has come to the rescue. He’s released a hack which fixes numerous glitches in the game, including the one that prevents you from beating it. Expect to see some funny and very painful Let’s Play videos popping up on YouTube in the next few weeks.

Via GameSetWatch