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Mage: The Enchanted Crystals now available for Odyssey2 and Philips Videopac

Revival Studios’ latest homebrew effort Mage: The Enchanted Crystals has now been released. 100 copies have been made available at a cost of 39 Euros each. A plastic case can be purchased alongside the game for an additional 5 Euros.

The game is something of a dungeon crawler with an original story, which the website elaborates on: “While working on a powerful spell, Wizzy’s father was being watched by others. As a precaution he captured the spell inside a crystal and divided it into 4 pieces, which he buried inside the mines, just south of your village. It is now up to you to collect these pieces and bring them together inside the enchanted chest to ensure the spell doesn’t fall into the wrong hands.”

You can get the game here.

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Physical copies of homebrew Odyssey2 game Colorclash now available

Revival Studios is a company that produces homebrew efforts for second generation consoles like the Vectrex and Magnavox Odyssey2. Today they’ve announced that copies of one of their recent projects, Colorclash are now on sale through their website.

Colorclash is a hybrid of a match three puzzle game and a space shooter, which the company originally published a while ago for the Vectrex.

For €39 (plus €5 shipping) you get a cartridge, index card and manual. For an additional €5 (plus €5 shipping), you can get a plastic clamshell case.

Supplies are limited to just 100 copies, so if you’re looking for something new to play on your Odyssey2 (or VideoPac), you might want to order today.