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Video Game Ad of the Day: Super Punch Out!!

Super Punch Out
Super Punch Out!! is the fourth game in the Punch Out!! series and the second to use that name. It’s a bit more over the top than the other Punch Out!! games – which is saying something – I don’t remember anyone trying to hit you with a wooden cane or a flying kick in the other games.


Punch Out!! encyclopedia pops up on Kickstarter

Want to know everything there is to know about the Punch Out!! series? Melburnian Daniel Lanciana has launched a Kickstarter campaign to create a 240 page encyclopedia on Mike Tyson’s Punch Out!!.

The book is complete – the campaign is intended to help the team raise money to get copyright clearance from Nintendo and cover the cost of printing the books – vanity publishing doesn’t come cheap!

Chipping in $US10 will get you a high quality eBook version of the guide. If you want a physical copy of the book, you’ll need to up your pledge to $US125. I’m a sucker for these high quality coffee style books, so I hope this campaign succeeds.


Punch Out!! parodied on Comedy Central

Can’t say I’ve ever heard of Comedy Central’s show Tosh.0, but this week, they had something of a Punch Out!! parody on a segment of their show. Watch it in the clip above – it starts around 4:50.

Via Destructoid