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Check out this SCUMMVM HTML 5 port

SCUMMVM, the emulator dedicated to keeping the many fantastic LucasArts adventure games playable for future generations, is available on pretty much every system around.

Thanks to the efforts of programmer Jukka Jylänki, SCUMMVM is now also playable in your HTML5 enabled browser.

To stay on the right side of the law, the version up on the site only enables you to play the demo versions of games such as Day of the Tentacle, Sam & Max Hit the Road and The Secret of Monkey Island, to name a few.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Day of the Tentacle

Day of the Tentacle is one of the finest games from the golden age of adventure games, and a painful reminder of how LucasArts was once a developer and publisher that did more than just coast off the Star Wars license.