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Leisure Suit Larry remake out in May, casino game to follow

The Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards remake, which was successfully funded through Kickstarter last year, will be released in the second half of May according to Replay Games CEO Paul Trowe.

Replay Games’ plans for Larry don’t stop with the remake: the company will be releasing a free to play casino game. This would be the third such time that the idea has been attempted – Leisure Suit Larry’s Casino was released in 1998, and before that there was the cancelled LarryLand project. Of course, that project is very early – a design doc hasn’t been written yet.

Following the casino game, Replay is tossing up whether to remake Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places) or to create an all-new 8th installment in the series. Larry 2 is the only game in the series that must be played with a text parser.


Leisure Suit Larry remake may not see 2012

The recently successful Kickstarter campaign for the Leisure Suit Larry remake may have been a little too successful, as the extra content that arose as a result of the game breaking its funding goals may end up pushing the game in 2013.

In a new blog post on the project’s Kickstarter page, Replay CEO Paul Trowe stated that “We were originally planning on shipping in October but since we have to pretty much design a TON of new stuff (which I think is extremely positive), there is no way in hell we’re going to make October 2012.”

Trowe added that “We MAY be able to make December but honestly, I’d rather launch the game after the holiday season and put a lot of polish (no, not Pole-ish…I said polish!) on the game and make sure we have beta tested it enough to release. There is nothing I can’t stand more than a game that was released “to make Christmas” that is just riddled with bugs.”


HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry is happening

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, a classic adventure game released in 1987 and the first installment of the well-loved Leisure Suit Larry series, is receiving a HD remake thanks to Replay Games, Al Lowe (series creator) and more than 11,000 backers.

The Leisure Suit Larry HD Kickstarter campaign has reached its $500,000 target, with 6 days to spare. Replay Games have now set a new goal – $1,000,000, to fund additional content and new features such as cinematic cut scenes, maps, foreign languages, new puzzles, new locations and some new ladies.

The Leisure Suit Larry HD remake is being made from scratch and will feature updated and high-res graphics, a modern point-and-click/touch screen interface, fully voiced characters, support for mobile devices and more humour.

Expect to see Leisure Suit Larry HD in October on PC, tablets and perhaps other platforms if funding permits.