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HD remake of Leisure Suit Larry is happening

Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, a classic adventure game released in 1987 and the first installment of the well-loved Leisure Suit Larry series, is receiving a HD remake thanks to Replay Games, Al Lowe (series creator) and more than 11,000 backers.

The Leisure Suit Larry HD Kickstarter campaign has reached its $500,000 target, with 6 days to spare. Replay Games have now set a new goal – $1,000,000, to fund additional content and new features such as cinematic cut scenes, maps, foreign languages, new puzzles, new locations and some new ladies.

The Leisure Suit Larry HD remake is being made from scratch and will feature updated and high-res graphics, a modern point-and-click/touch screen interface, fully voiced characters, support for mobile devices and more humour.

Expect to see Leisure Suit Larry HD in October on PC, tablets and perhaps other platforms if funding permits.


Shadowrun Returns Kickstarter campaign

The creator of Shadowrun, Jordan Weisman, and his new company Harebrained Schemes are looking to make a new Shadowrun game and have launched a Kickstarter campaign to make it happen. Shadowrun Returns will be a 2D, single player, turn-based RPG which returns players to Shadowrun’s much loved world of magic and machines. It just might be the game that fans of the series have been waiting for.

Shadowrun Returns, for PC and Apple and Android tablets, has until April 29 to reach its $400,000 goal. With 6,995 backers thus far, a total of $325,790 pledged and 24 days to go, it looks like Shadowrun Returns will become a reality.


Videogame History Museum reaches its Kickstarter goal

The fine folks behind the site Digital Press were running a Kickstarter campaign over the last couple of weeks in order to generate funds for their new idea, the Videogame History Museum. Kickstarter is a crowdfunding site, where users can pledge money to assist creators in getting their projects off the ground. Pledgers who agree to give a certain level of funding will get often get gifts in return.

The Videogame History Museum sought $30,000 to establish a premises where Joe Santulli and his cronies could stash their collection when they’re not taking it on the road to the variety of retro gaming conventions that happen in the US. You can read more about their plans at the museum’s official site.

Well, their Kickstarter campaign has been successful, so the plans for a Silicon Valley-based video game museum can now proceeed to the next level. In fact, the pledge drive raised over $50,000, 2/3rds more than the team was expecting!

We look forward to seeing the team’s plans come to fruition.