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Homebrew Neo Geo Pocket Color game involves…being a Neo Geo collector

Neo Geo AES collectors are a different breed. It takes a certain something to part with thousands of dollars for the best games on the system, particularly when the MVS versions are virtually identical and cheaper (though more prone to being fake).

Now you can celebrate the craziness of AES collecting in NGCollector, a homebrew game for the Neo Geo Pocket Color. How meta!

NGCollector puts you in the shoes of a dedicated AES collector, looking to get a complete collection of games – through any means necessary. Including robbing convenience stores, gambling and flipping burgers.

You can get the game here.


Physical copies of homebrew Odyssey2 game Colorclash now available

Revival Studios is a company that produces homebrew efforts for second generation consoles like the Vectrex and Magnavox Odyssey2. Today they’ve announced that copies of one of their recent projects, Colorclash are now on sale through their website.

Colorclash is a hybrid of a match three puzzle game and a space shooter, which the company originally published a while ago for the Vectrex.

For €39 (plus €5 shipping) you get a cartridge, index card and manual. For an additional €5 (plus €5 shipping), you can get a plastic clamshell case.

Supplies are limited to just 100 copies, so if you’re looking for something new to play on your Odyssey2 (or VideoPac), you might want to order today.


NES Homebrew strategy game Armed for Battle incoming

The NES software library wasn’t exactly brimming with strategy games – outside of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, they were really more the domain of home computers. NES homebrew developer Rizz is seeking to plug that gap with his newest effort Armed for Battle.

No release date has been set, but Rizz has confirmed that he will be demonstrating his work at the US Midwest Gaming Classic at the end of the month.


Pier Solar: Reprint Edition reprinted

Pier Solar the fantastically ambitious homebrew RPG project for the Mega Drive was a runaway success for the group over at WaterMelon. Unprecedented demand led to the team manufacturing a second version, called the Reprint Edition, which sold out quickly, leaving the game’s price on eBay to spike crazily.

Now the Reprint Edition has been reprinted, so you now have an opportunity to get a hold of the game without filling the coffers of some eBay scalper.

You can order the game here.


Fan-made HTML5 version of Command & Conquer in the works

An ambitious fellow by the name of Aditya Ravi Shankar has undertaken the rather strenuous task of bringing the original Command & Conquer (today’s Video Game Ad of the Day, coincidentally) to your browser.

Unfortunately, the popularity of the game led to the programmer’s ISP pulling the plug on his page, currently leaving the game without a host, but plans to get it back up and running are under way. You can read about the development of the port here.

Update: The game has now been rehosted.


Abobo’s Big Adventure now available

i-Mockey’s love letter to the NES era, Abobo’s Big Adventure is now available to play online.

The game puts you in the shoes of the infamous Double Dragon boss through eight levels packed with NES goodness. All for free…though you’ll get access to an extra mini-game if you donate.


Improved Intellivision Donkey Kong on the way

The Intellivision version of Donkey Kong has widely held to be crap for over 25 years. Some even go so far as to believe that Coleco purposely sabotaged the Intellivision version so that people would purchase the Colecovision and it’s version of Donkey Kong instead. Well Intellivision fans, later this year, you’ll have an opportunity to purchase a greatly improved version of Donkey Kong for your beloved system, courtesy of Carl Mueller Jr.

You can see a comparison between the two versions in the video above.

Advanced orders for the game will ship at the end of August. Alternatively, it’ll be available for general purchase after November 2011. You can order the game here.

Via GameSetWatch


New Magnavox Odyssey homebrew on the way

Digital Press user ‘atari2600land’ announced earlier today that he has been working on a new homebrew project for the Magnavox Odyssey, the first home video game console.

The new game is Dodgeball will set you back $US25, and is expected to ship in the third quarter of 2011. Read the rest of this entry »