Guardian Heroes 2 plans were scrapped in favour of XBLA port of original

Guardian Heroes, Treasure’s rather decent (but not as good as people who paid far too much for it have led you to believe) beat ’em up is due to be re-released on Xbox Live Arcade in October, giving those who weren’t prepared to drop a hundred bucks for the game and a Saturn the opportunity to see what all the fuss is about.

Well, it turns out that project came at the expense of an actual sequel.

Speaking with Eurogamer Treasure’s Hiroto Matsuura states: “Originally, the project started as Guardian Heroes 2. The team that had been working on Sin & Punishment: Star Successor wanted to start a new game. But the publisher [Sega] said in order to create a sequel, they wanted us to revitalize the IP. So instead of starting on the sequel we made a remake.”

Evidently Guardian Heroes 2 would have played like the original, but using 3D assets. Apparently it still might happen if the XBLA version sells well enough. Until then, I guess you could attempt to console yourself with Advance Guardian Heroes, but I don’t recommend it.