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Video Game Ad of the Day: Final Fight: Streetwise

Final Fight Streetwise
Like yesterday’s featured game, Devil May Cry 2, Final Fight: Streetwise is the black sheep of another Capcom franchise. However, unlike Devil May Cry 2, Final Fight: Streetwise is an unredeemable piece of shit that should never have been greenlit. Final Fight Streetwise was the reason Capcom Production Studio 8, the company’s sole American development arm who we responsible for two great Maximo games, was shut down. Not only does Final Fight: Streetwise look bad and play worse, it has one of the single most fucking stupid stories to be featured in a video game.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Final Fight

Final Fight SFC JP
Final Fight is one of the most popular beat ’em ups of all time, revolutionising the genre upon first release in 1989. The SNES/Super Famicom release is a bit watered down – Guy has been removed, it’s single player only, and outside of Japan, the game is rife with censorship imposed by (then) the overly conservative Nintendo of America.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Final Fight CD

Unless you were lucky enough to own an X68000, the Mega CD version of Final Fight was as good a home conversion as you were going to get. It’s not as heavily censored as the SNES version, has all three characters, and a pretty bitchin’ arranged soundtrack. It still loses a little bit of the graphical lustre of the original, though.


New video investigates the origins of Poison

Debate has raged for many years about the gender of Final Fight‘s Poison. Localisation issues, retconning and the language barrier have caused nothing but confusion, leaving fans to settle the fight among themselves.

So is Poison a man, a woman, or transgender?

The above video by YouTuber MegatonStammer investigates the history of Poison’s gender, even going through Final Fight’s original concept art, with the goal of settling the matter once and for all.


The Ballad of Mike Haggar

Youtuber Hortyort has produced this amusing video telling the story of Final Fight as an epic poem.

Via GameSetWatch