Final Fantasy VII gets a 16-bit makeover

FFVII demake

Sure, it’s not the HD remake that we are waiting for, but this demake of Final Fantasy VII is still pretty cool.

Australian programmer Lucas Brown is giving the classic RPG the 16-bit treatment, recreating the game in 2D using RPG Maker 2003. And it looks fantastic! Since starting the project in 2008, Brown has remade the menu and battle systems, and created custom (and darling) sprites and 2D visuals, however he doesn’t plan to remake the entire game – and understandably so, it’s a big job. Brown has said that he hopes to have the first mission playable in the near future.

Sadly, the projects future is looking a little unsure as Brown has admitted that he does not have the time to the complete demake as work, love and other projects compete for his attention. Here’s hoping the Final Fantasy VII: 2D Remake’s time the spotlight recently sets Brown’s inspiration and motivation in motion once again, and we can see more of this charming project soon. Check out the media below.

Opening scenes:

Battle scene:

Source: Kotaku