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Pac-Man fan film tries to make sense of Pac-Man in real world

The team at Steelhouse Productions has been working on this short film about Pac-Man for a year. They call it “the greatest 80s movie that never happened”.

Basically the 10-minute or so film tries to make sense of how something like Pac-Man could exist in the real world. According to the film’s website, they wanted to know “What the heck is a Pac-Man? What are the ghosts? What and/or where is this blinking blue maze? And how exactly can a hungry yellow ball exit on the left side of the screen, and re-appear again on the right?”

It’s neat, if a bit silly.


Silent Hill fan film isn’t as bad as it sounds

Usually when you say “fan film” in my presence, I shudder uncomfortably. Fortunately, this upcoming Silent Hill fan film looks okay, mostly because it’s based heavily on Silent Hill 2, which was the strongest entry in the series.

The film will be out on October 25.

Via Destructoid