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Video Game Ad of the Day: NHLPA Hockey ’93

NHLPA Hockey 93
As an Australian, I should theoretically have no understanding of ice hockey. However, acquiring NHLPA Hockey ’93 as a kid changed that. It’s arguably the best version of video game hockey EA Sports produced in the 90s – a lot of people will tell you NHL ’94 is better because of the inclusion of official team logos and one timers, but the 1993 game has fights, proper injuries and plays just as well as NHL ’94 anyway.


Video Game Ad of the Day: John Madden Football ’92

John Madden Football 92
John Madden Football ’92 is Madden’s second outing on home consoles and boasts a laundry list of improvements including EASN presentation, weather effects including rain and snow, new playbooks, instant replays and player injuries. The last one is a particularly amusing one – John Madden Football ’92 came at a time when EA didn’t have any official licenses and didn’t take itself seriously – when a player gets injured, an ambulance speeds onto the field, ploughing down any players unfortunate enough to get in its way. It’s really quite amusing.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs

Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA Playoffs
Bulls vs. Lakers and the NBA Playoffs is the second game in EA’s pre-NBA Live basketball series. It’s a massive improvement over Lakers vs. Celtics, adding in features such as signature dunks, instant replay mode, improved shooting and passing control, a free throw meter and a much cleaner interface.