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Retro Gaming Theatre – Shane Warne Cricket (Mega Drive)

Cricket season is in full swing, so I figured we’d take a look at the second of two cricket games released for the Mega Drive – Shane Warne Cricket.

It’s not a terribly exciting game to watch, I’m afraid, but it was a marked improvement over the first game, Brian Lara Cricket, adding state teams, fielding errors and a little bit of a graphical makeover. Our video shows a handful of overs from an England v Australia match, with me controlling Australia and bowling.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Jonah Lomu Rugby

King of the Kiwis.

Jonah Lomu Rugby was developed by Rage Games and published by Codemasters for the PlayStation, PC and Saturn in 1997. At that stage, Lomu was one of rugby union’s most popular stars – now he’s arguably the best player to have strapped on a pair of boots.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Brian Lara Cricket

Something I spent way too much time playing as a kid.

Brian Lara Cricket is the first entry in Codemasters’ now long running cricket series for home consoles. It was an adaptation of Allan Border’s Cricket previously developed by Audiogenic. Two versions of the game exist – one with fake player names, and one with real player names.