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Donkey Kong Country TV series returns to DVD in North America

Back in the 1990s, Nintendo licensed Donkey Kong Country out for a CG animated TV show produced by France 2 and Nelvana. The result was not pretty, and most people have tried to forget about it.

However, those of you with a morbid curiosity may be excited to know that a new DVD featuring three episodes from the short-lived series will be released in North America in October. The DVD is called Donkey Kong Country: Raiders of the Lost Banana and will set you back $US10.

This may be the first release of the series on DVD in North America, but a couple of single episode DVDs and one collection have been released in Australia and can be found for cheap.

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Sonic “SatAM” series now available on DVD in Australia

Back in the early 1990s, there were two Sonic the Hedgehog cartoon series, the fun-filled, bright and appallingly animated Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, and the well-animated, plot-driven, overly-serious furry bait Sonic the Hedgehog: The Animated Series, known by fans as “SatAM” due to its original Saturday morning timeslot.

Now you can get the latter series on DVD in Australia thanks to Beyond Home Entertainment. While it has previously seen release in R1, those sets are somewhat difficult to find and can be quite pricey on secondary markets.

The series is being released over two sets that will set you back $AU19.95 each. You might be a little disappointed if you’re a dedicated fan of the series, as there are no special features, and the episodes, while complete, are presented out of order.