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Video Game Ad of the Day: Pit Fighter (Master System)

Pit Fighter SMS UK
Pit Fighter was one of those arcade games that got ported to every system around, regardless of whether they could actually handle the game or not. One such port was to the Sega Master System, whose version of the game is pretty damn lame – but at least it’s better than the Spectrum version.


New footage of the never released Primal Rage II

New footage has been released for the cancelled Atari Games (aka Midway) fighting game Primal Rage II. The video comes from a former Atari engineer who still had a working board and hard drive for the game in storage. The game’s hard drive has been backed up, and the engineer has elaborated that the board is essentially a modified PlayStation, which could lead to the game being emulated some time in the future.

Primal Rage II features human fighters rather than the dinosaurs and primates of the original. There’s a plot driven reason for this, in that a being named Necrosian imprisoned the gods in a state of suspended animation. In order to fight back, the gods gave themselves human forms. Apparently the humans would eventually be able to change into their dinosaur/primate form. The story for the game was eventually released in a novel entitled Primal Rage: The Avatars. Action figures for some of the Primal Rage II characters even made it to market.


Video Game Ad of the Day: T-MEK

T-MEK is an arcade tank game with a pretty elaborate cabinet setup. Unfortunately, the cabinet was most of the appeal of the game, as those who purchased the home versions of T-MEK found out. Then again, if you bought the 32X version of T-MEK, you’re sitting on a goldmine.