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Video Game Ad of the Day: Contra: Legacy of War

Contra: Legacy of War was the first of two maligned 32-bit entries into Konami’s popular series of run and gun platformers. Konami outsourced development of the games to Appaloosa Interactive, better known as Novotrade International, the developers behind Ecco the Dolphin. Due to poor fan reception, Konami has effectively retconned the game out of existence.


Video Game Ad of the Day: C: The Contra Adventure

The Contra series’ darkest hour.

It seemed like a good idea on paper. Give Contra to a competent developer, bring it into 3D, make money. Unfortunately, the first part of this experiment, Contra: Legacy of War was a shameful effort. Yet Appaloosa managed to do worse on its second attempt – C: The Contra Adventure. These games are so bad that Konami refuses to acknowledge them as part of the Contra series. The game ended up being released exclusively in North America.

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