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Video Game Ad of the Day: Another World (Out of this World)

Out of This World
Another World is a landmark game from the early 90s, best remembered for its blend of cinematic action and puzzles. The US release was called Out of this World, and has some ghastly ass box art.


Another World coming soon to Jaguar

Homebrew developers The Removers have successfully ported the classic action/adventure game Another World to the Atari Jaguar, one of the few formats of the era to not get its own copy of the game.

The Jaguar version takes advantage of being late to the party by incorporating all of the enhancements from the 15th anniversary edition of the game. The project even has the blessing of Eric Chahi, the man behind the original game.

The Removers are ramping up plans to produce a physical release of the cartridge, though numbers of cartridges produced will be based on the number of responses they receive to a survery they are conducting on their website.


Another World 20th Anniversary Edition coming to Android

The 20th anniversary edition of Another World will be released for Android phones on March 16.

It’s pretty much identical to the iOS port that hit last year.

No matter the format, those crawly things are still little bastards.