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GBA to SNES Cartridge Adapter now available for your game playing pleasure


Want to play your Game Boy Advance games on your Super Nintendo? If the answer is yes, then the GBA to SNES Cartridge Adapter has got you covered.

Available from Tototek for US $29.99, the adapter enables you to play most GBA games on your PAL or NTSC SNES (or Super Famicom), affording you the opportunity to use your oh so comfy SNES controller while not having to worry about optimal lighting if you’re not fortunate enough to own the brighter backlit model GBA SP. The adapter even has a link port.

We haven’t had a play around with the GBA to SNES Cartridge Adapter, so we can’t vouch for its quality and library compatibility, but it seems like a neat little device that might be worth looking into if the idea of playing GBA games on a SNES tickles your fancy. Though, you might prefer to wait for Retro-Bit’s, albeit pricier, Super Retro Adapter – which looks pretty slick.

Thanks to Retro Collect for the heads up.


Video Game Ad of the Day: Master System Converter

The Master System Converter (or Power Base Converter for our American friends) is an accessory for the Mega Drive that lets you play Master System games on the system. Is it magic? Nope – turns out the Mega Drive is actually backwards compatible with the Master System at the hardware level – all this converter does is push on a pin that tells the Mega Drive to boot in Master System mode. It’s still pretty neat, though.