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Retro Reading #19

by on Oct.30, 2010, under Retro Reading

Been a while, hasn’t it? I’ve been swamped with moving interstate and taking what I hope is the last of my CPA exams, but now that most of that is out of the way, we can get back to business as usual (at least ’til I have to move house again in < 2 months). Work on RGA's big secret project has been continuing, though, and it might actually make its revised Q1 2011 launch. Tidbits
This Tuesday marked 10 years since the PlayStation 2 came out in North America. I originally had a feature on the best PS2 stuff planned, but it got shelved. That’s awesome RGA commitment for you.

The 25th Anniversary Super Mario All Stars pack is headed to the US and PAL regions. No love for Australia on that front, but the 25th Anniversary Red Wii we get has a special 25th Anniversary edition of Super Mario Bros. How many more times do I have to say 25th Anniversary in a post?

The X-Men arcade game is coming to Xbox Live Arcade and PSN after much whining and demanding. Look forward to this one getting shat on by terrible reviewers next year.

Retrogaming Times Monthly – October 2010 at Retrogaming Times
More newslettery goodness.

Retro Japanese Computers – Gaming’s Final Frontier at Hardcore Gaming 101
Damn fine article on Japan-only computer systems. Very enlightening.

Darkseed, Jim Power and Recettear at Hardcore Gaming 101
More HG101 in-depth articles, with substantially less adventure game coverage.

Interview with Al Lowe at Hardcore Gaming 101
HG101 also had a chat with legendary game designer Al Lowe. Doesn’t really cover much new ground though.

War Monster (GBC), SWAT: Urban Justice (PC), Adventures of Pinocchio/Ottifanten (GBC), Wipeout Beta (PSX/SS/PC), Lobo (PS2/Xbox), Spearhead (SS), Ape Escape Beta (PSX), Agent (PS2/Xbox), Masters Tournament: Augusta (PCFX), The Witcher 1997 Version (PC), Ardy Lightfoot Beta (SNES), Roadsters 98 (GBC), Banjo-Tooie Beta (N64), FX Fighter (PCFX), Clockwork Knight Beta (SS), Black & White Beta (PC), Advent Rising Beta (PC/Xbox), Killzone Beta/Kin (PSX/PS2), Ultima IX Beta (PC), Angel (SS), Sunman (NES), Sato City (PSX/PC), Gremlins 2 Beta (GB), Rollcage Team 17 version (3DO/PSX/SS), Pterosaur (GCN/PS2/Xbox), The Mask Beta (SNES), Free Runner (SS), Splash Dive (PS2), Alien Intelligence (PC), Ragnarok (GB), Aero the Acrobat Beta (SNES/MD), Castaway Boy Keith (GB), Going Gnome (PS2), Master Slave (Xbox), Bloodust: International Karate 3 (Arcade/PSX), Cabbage (64DD), Ring Age (DC), Capcom vs SNK Beta (Arcade/DC), Leisure Suit Larry: Pocket Party (NGage), Breath of Fire III Concept (PSX), Mudkicker (SS/PSX/PC), Gekido (GBC), Matrix Runner (Sega VR), Brains in Planes (PSX/PC), Dinosaurs for Hire Beta (MD), Like Thunder Go (N64), X-COM Genesis (PC), and Jack and the Beanstalker (64DD) at Unseen64
7 weeks worth of Unseen64 updates. Some pretty good stuff in there on the 64DD, but most is crap that nobody will miss.

The PlayStation 2 Shmups Library at Racketboy
Even though the shmup has become marginalised in the last 15 years, the releases still flow pretty freely. This article basically goes through every one released on the PS2. You’ll probably want a JP PS2 after reading it.

Eurogamer Retrospectives:
The Battle of Olympus
American McGee’s Alice
Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis
The Curse of Monkey Island
Deer Hunter

Virtual Console:
Samurai Shodown III (Neo Geo)
Mystic Quest Legend, aka Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest (SNES)
Rival Turf (SNES)
Street Hoops (Neo Geo)
Super Earth Defense Force (SNES)

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